Inspiration Design Interface

The best site for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet ! CROSS ME Cross Me create step by step guide that walks both male and female visitors through the dating app features. iGO NAVIGATION Unlock your inner explorer. Download the iGO Navigation app, hit the road, and start your adventure!   TUN2U Tun2U is a digital agency with a passion for creative ideas across … Continue reading Inspiration Design Interface

Security Risks about Pokémon GO !

Pokemon Go allows players to flit between the real and virtual world to capture different creatures which appear on phone screens in a number of real-life locations (the map of the game is pictured above). WHAT POKEMON GO CAN ACCESS When you grant full account access, the application can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account,’ Google says. This “Full account access” … Continue reading Security Risks about Pokémon GO !

What about your productivity ?

RescueTime informing you when an how you’re both productive and distracted. He runs securely in the background on our computer and mobile devices and records everything that we do on it. Using a dashboard, it then displays the information on the amount of time we spend on various sites, our productive hours, not-so productive hours and so on. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants … Continue reading What about your productivity ?

Digital Marketing Tools

Tools these days are making it increasingly easier to implement those creative ideas, connect with more people, do research quickly and get your content out there. There is some tools to help you: CALL RAIL Tracks, records, routes calls/conversions in analytics. KEYWORD KEG Plugin that shows keyword volume & cpc in search, console, analytics. MEGALYTIC For creating good reports   HOOTSUITE For social post scheduling … Continue reading Digital Marketing Tools

Best resources links for Web Designer

If you are web designer this web site is for you. Links to sites including fonts, stock photography, sounds, clip-art, logotypes, and Photoshop brushes many resources for your creation. FREE IMAGES: You can find free images and specialized sites (people, plants, travel, cars …) . You can also find websites that reference Free textures to pay but affordable images, free image even for commercial use ( … Continue reading Best resources links for Web Designer

Empower your management

A good manager has two priorities: results and retention. The Manager Tools guides you through the actions you’ll need to take in order to meet your goals and be a great manager. ASANA: Each team can create a workspace. Workspaces contain projects, and projects contain tasks. In each task, users can add notes, comments, attachments, and tags. Users can follow projects and tasks and, when … Continue reading Empower your management

10 Powerful tools for Designers

As a web designer, you naturally look for tools that offer the best solutions to your design needs. Your clients’ needs and requirements can be all over the map, or at least appear to be. INVISION: InVision, is a design tool that turns Photoshop mock-ups into interactive prototypes. A set of pre-made templates allows anyone who can open PowerPoint to prototype software by using stylish, … Continue reading 10 Powerful tools for Designers

These Tools all Developers should know

The last few years have seen an explosion of new tools, particularly in categories like mobile development and JavaScript frameworks. Today we’re updating our previous list of  development tools: SLACK : Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams.Organize your team conversations in open channels. Make a channel for a project, a topic, a team, or … Continue reading These Tools all Developers should know